Application Process

To Apply:

  1. All students must fill out an SSS Intake form when enrolling at SKC. This will determine eligibility and can take up to 2 weeks.
  2. Upon acceptance, letters will be mailed out and students will need to see an SSS staff member to fill out an SSS Verification form.  
  3. We also require a financial needs analysis / proof of Taxable income.

*Some Winter and all Spring applications will be automatically waitlisted until the 2014-15 SY

New project participants will be identified and admitted to the SSS program within two weeks of enrollment. Students will be given the opportunity to fill out an SSS INTAKE FORM during New Student Orientation or at the TRiO Student Support Services Department in the New Bookstore Addition. All New students selected for the new school year along with WAIT-LISTED students will receive a confirmation letter by mail when accepted and will need to complete a VERIFICATION Form to be eligible for all services. CONTINUING SSS Students only need to fill out a new VERIFICATION FORM each year of eligibility.